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New Recording 16

I love you then I love me,

Can you get up off me?

Stop callin' me honey

No, it's not about the money

No, it's not about the money, honey

I ain't feelin' sunny

My nose is feelin' funny

Baby, hate to

Run me, run me, honey, on me

Stop please

Take three or go, please

Feel the breeze, on me

I don't even want, mm

Mm, mm

Ooh, mmm

Hey, hey

Ooh, stop actin' funny

You was actin' funny

My class got you dummy

And then it's yummy

Ain't about the money

(Conceptual lifestyle?) Mm, heh

That's like time (PJ, we honestly just need to...yeah)

(We just need to start dropping bars...) I kinda got a little bit of that

(Mm!) I got a little bit of that (Of course) (Oh, I didn't mean like that...)

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