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It Was Really Nothing (Prod. By Yesa)

He said, "Crystal Mec, I don't understand, why do I love you?"

I said, "The energy that you project comes from inside you,"

It was really nothing

I just love myself

And boy, you're really something

Get your heart out of steatlh

'Cause all these other boys try to talk to me

Try to talk to me, oh, oh, oh

And I don't really see what they have to offer me (See, don't see, no, oh)

What they have to offer me

Kickin' back with the squad, I mean

Ain't this all a part of the dream

Can't get caught up with the smaller things

Yeah, then let's get back

Back to the basics

Back to the chasin'

Back to the lazy days,

When you drove me crazy

Yeah, when you called me "baby"

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