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February 20, 2019

I don't know what you see in her,

I don't know what you see in me either

But you gave me this bass to practice my voice on

So, I'm gonna sing it real loud, I'm gonna sing my song

So, please,

Don't leave me dry, don't leave me cold

'Cause Lord knows, I need it, I need it

That is: your lovin', your lovin'

So, please,

Don't leave me dry

And please don't make me cry

'Cause I'd do anything, anything, yeah

'Cause I'd do anything, anything, for ya

I'll do anything for ya, oh

But you won't do the same, mm

What's up with this game?

I don't know when you're telling me the truth, oh

No, I don't know, when you're telling me a lie anymore, I cry

Or maybe I do, ooh

I'm intentionally blind

And you wanna say that I've never tried

But I beg to differ, differ, differ

Agree to disagree, baby

If that means, I can be in your life, any way, I will try

So, please don't leave me dry

Don't leave me cold, oh baby

Don't make me cry

'Cause you know I,

I'd do anything for ya

But you won't do the same,

I don't like this game

Been runnin', runnin', runnin' in circles

When we're already on a sphere,

We're runnin' round in these circles

Like we don't know what the solution is here, oh

Make it easy for me, babe

Make it easy for me to say, ooh

You're my baby

I'm your baby

Make it easy to say, ooh

You make it easy to say, you make it easy to say

So, stop playin' these games, baby, baby

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