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Vaguely Familiar (Prod. By Yesa x Sum Total)

You, you, you

(Ooh) You deserve better

You deserve better

Oh, I said,

You deserve better (You)

You deserve the best

Feelin' heavy on my chest,

No, I can't get no rest, no sleep

Knowing that you and me, aren't at peace, no

Or we're just not speaking

So, let's just

Set it aside

This could be our last time

And boy, we've got all the right (Right)

To be thankful, baby (We)

To be grateful for this life (Oh)

And that I get to share it with you, with you (With you)

With my dude

My blue (My boo)

Baby (My boo, ooh)

Your face is vaguely familiar (Mm mm)

Your eyes, baby (Baby)

This place is vaguely familiar

This space is very familiar (I only)

(I only, I only stand for familia)

I only stand for familia

Indigo (This is very familiar)

I'm feelin' you

This déjà vu, I'm feelin' you (I'm feelin' you)

I'm feelin' you

I'm feelin' you

This déjà vu

I'm feelin' you

This déjà vu, ooh, uh

Ooh (No, no, no, no, no, no, no)

This all is very familiar

It's vaguely familiar,

I only stand for familia, no

It could be lifetimes 'til I find you again

Yeah, your face is vaguely familiar

Your eyes, and your soul

It's all pretty familiar

And this place, and this space

These dimensions, these directions

It's all pretty familiar

Mm, no, no

Doo, doo, da, da, da, da

Ooh, I hope I see you in some other dimension, in dimensions

In dimension, ancient were dimensional space

Well, I swear I saw your face

I couldn't replace,

I couldn't put my finger in place

I couldn't figure out this place

With your face

In this sacred space

In a daze,

You caught me in a daze

You set my heart ablaze

You caught my gaze in a daze

Your face is vaguely familiar

You're wrapped in your soul, baby

It's all pretty familiar

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