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Body Chemistry (Prod. By Yesa)


Da, da, da, da, doo

Doo, doo, doo

Da, da, da, da, doo

Doo, doo, doo


From the glacier

Rolling down your chin,

Shinin' in your melanin,

Your skin, oh

That Indigo complexion

And I love my reflection

And that you're in it

Your soul's holding on

While we're spinnin'

Out here in orbit

We should go explore this

The aether is pulling onto me

It's more than chemistry

Or Newton's Laws of Gravity, oh

We could make history,


Tsa, Tsa, Tsa,

Tsaheylu (Ooh)

To Zoslu (To Zoslu)



Yawnetu, Nga yawne lu

Nga yawne lu

We just made history (We just made history)

We transcended gravity (Gravity)


Thanks for having me, ha ha (Mmm)

Yeah, yeah

I could, I could, yeah

And it's that, it's that work

I came out for a day

And I came right to bay

And I had to see the bae

You, you, you, you

Don't know what you do to me (Oh, la, da, da)

Make me feel that body chemistry (Yeah)

Make me feel the gravity (Ah)

We could make history (Is you feelin' me)

We could make history (We could make history)

(Is you feeling me?) For the century (Ah)

Aeons and eras and times beyond this plane, ooh

(We can ride the waves, we can ride the waves)

Tsa, Tsa, Tsa, (We could ride the waves)

Tsaheylu (Ooh)

(Where you at today? I'll be there in a minute, in a second, no delay)

(No, you're not too late/Hope I'm not too late)

To Zoslu (To Zoslu)

(Yeah) Lonu, (Yeah, yeah, yeah)

Maweypeyyu (CMT, CM)

Yawnetu, (Yeah, yeah) Nga yawne lu (Oh)


Nga yawne lu (Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)

We just made history (We just made history) (Ooh)

(Is you feelin' me for the century?)

(Ooh) And tell me what you know

What you trynna do,

And where you trynna go,

I'll be there on the lonelier roads

When it gets so cold, I got the heat

And the work in the street

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