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Mecca Kalani

Crystal Mec



I was born and raised in the mid-90s in the City of Angels and I believe that my multicultural background deeply reflects its roots in my individuality, my music, and my message to the world. At twenty years-old, I have tapped into a new style of transcendental and generational music. With conscious, thought-provoking lyrical content and meditative, high-vibrational tones, the harmonies I choose are promisingly hypnotic, all while infusing the unique sonic quality of soul, jazz and R&B. I sing about love, self-healing, the spirit of Mother Earth, astronomy, what it means to me to be a multiracial young woman, the struggles of existential angst and the glory of the human perspective of the Universe. 

Often called by my artist name "Crystal Mec", I'm heavily influenced by my spirituality and I believe that I clearly portray that in my art. Since I discovered my voice to sing in 2011, I have felt it is my duty and responsibility to be a positive voice and medium of love and peace for the global shift of consciousness through my music alone. Through my spirituality and music, I've been very successful in emotionally reaching, touching and healing many hearts that simply needed a song to feel they relate and connect to and can openly become present and vulnerable with. This high-vibrating sonic frequency literally becomes healing and therapeutic to the body. I'm grateful to say that my music has reached people on a global scale, healing an audience sonically, internationally and it is always a reminder to me of why I create art.

As I naturally began to start gravitating towards creating music, I studied that there was a shift of consciousness in the world and became deeply inspired to apply my recent natural attraction for music to everything that I was studying. This shift of consciousness propelled me and all of my friends to create this plethora of art for ourselves and each other. Little did we notice, masses of people openly voiced that they felt the same way. "Random" masses of people, most of whom I now call family, communed together and connected through this spirit of love for music and music being a medium for consciousness and the overflowing feeling of love. This is why I am here. This is why I create. 

-Mecca Kalani

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