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Hydrostatic Equilibrium (Prod. By MecaVeli)

You're a true star

You're a true star

I do the same damn thing

Every single time

And baby, as strong as our love is

It's not the time

All I do is wait for you and wait for you

Where are you, Tru?

(Where are you, Tru? I've been standing in the rain so long)

Proton to proton,

You're gettin' so damn strong

You are still the star (Ooh)

Dancing in my eyes (Ooh)

You are the nebula,

The stardust

Interstellar medium

(Baby, baby, baby, yeah)

But there's no stars when I cry

(I miss your merkabah on my merkabah)

Because I got lost in your eyes (I miss it, I miss it all)

(The expo line, CMT time) I got lost in the sky

(Quality time) Just any time

I got lost in the sky


And I'm afraid

I'm gonna lose you

To a drug you used to (Ah)


Baby, just know that

That's not love

That's not us

That's not us

When you pop that xanny

Baby, don't you worry

And I fall

In a flurry, ooh, no, no, no

Baby, I fall back again,

I fall right back in

With a word

With a touch

With a kiss

And I'm yours 'til the end (No, no)

As I fall in again (As I fall in again, every time, no, no, no, no)

Well, gimme back my best friend (I'm your best friend)

Gimme back my best friend

Where's my best friend?

I'm tired of singing

These broken love songs

Knowin' that you don't even

Sing along (You sing along

I sing along

(I sing along)

Every single damn time (I sing along)

Sing along, one time

Everything is

Because of you

(And me, and we, and three, and we)

Everything you do

(And me, and we, and you)

It's all your truth

Everything that you

You drew as a child

You knew all the while, all along

Baby, you're so strong

Yeah, you so strong

You threw your blue

You threw your red (I knew it all along)

And then you said (I knew it all along)

"Every path is the right path, (I knew it all along)

So, don't get lost, baby girl" (I knew it all along)

I won't get lost, baby boy

(Every move we make,

Every breath we take)

If you're through with me

Then just leave me alone, alone

I'm still accepting your absence

"...Until the core of the star starts to fuse, and then, at that point, so much energy is released, that the thermal pressure outwards equals the force of gravity. And now, you have, not a proto-star, but a Tru star."

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