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Tru's Eyes V3 (Prod. By MecaVeli)

Herkimer Diamond

I miss my Herkimer Diamond

I wish I was there

With you

Hey, hey, hey, hey

But baby boy, your eyes

(Your eyes, your eyes)

Yeah, you were right all along

And now I'm singing this song

And now I am wrong

'Cause I miss you (I miss you)

I wanna be there with you, I

I wanna look into your eyes tonight

When I look in your eyes

I can see your light, baby

Baby, baby

I wish I was there

I wish I was there

I'm sorry I left you there

(I wish you were here)

I miss your eyes

I miss when I was right (I wish I was there)

I'm wrong, I'm

I'm singing this song to ya

(I wish you were here)

I'm alright with being wrong for ya

Please don't fight me

I know you like me

I know you want me

And maybe you don't need me, baby

But yes, you love me

And you're the one, b

I can't feel gravity anymore

(Mmm) When I look in your eyes

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