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Karl, The Fog / Thanks, San Francisco (Prod. By MecaVeli)

Look at this! (...all the time, because I was doing it so awful)

This is horrible,

I suck at this accent

Wow, this is so...

Imagine it on a sunny day

Green trails and then an ocean!

Okay, bye

Physics doesn't differ;

The line from the singularity to the present day;

It moves through time and space in a relative way

But in no time

Does space time say, "Uh, wait, let's think about this."

Rocks so much as this; but time is infinite.

And you don't need the FM man to play for your braces to know

That gravity always wins

At the end of the desert, it's said I've read there lies a promise land

But when you're in the desert,

Any place NOT desert

Has enough promise

But goens play guitar in the desert

And Joshua played a horn

I can't even play drums,

Which they say anyone can play!

And if the world becomes desert, and I've lent my best,

I won't be Buffer Josh,

But I will blow my horn at the crystal palace

And watch the walls come down;

Because that's the nature of walls;

They fall.


Good afternoon, everybody

You are tuned into the natural selections

The Earth tones

And it is 3:33

December 15th


And we are currently sitting at the lake,


Literally, because the breeze is pretty chillin'


And uh, enjoying the atmosphere

We will now take calls

On line 1

Hello, where are you calling from?

My name's Melissa, um...

And I'm from New Jersey

I don't have a New Jersey accent though because I just moved there last week, but um...

I was just wondering like,

How do you guys feel right now, you know? 'Cause I know you guys; you're at the lake,

Like, I just wanna know what it feels like,

Oh, Melissa, Melissa, Melissa, listen

Slow down

The lake, uh, feels really good; and the sun is shining and the weather is sweet, next caller, um...

Hello, are you there?

My name is Ritchie and I'm from London, and um...

I wanted to ask you guys like,

What's your favorite time of the day,

Oh my goodness, Ritchie, why would you?

As if you didn't know, we started recording this at 3:33 on purpose, Ritchie,

I need you to know that uh...

It's always a good time of day, next caller

And that's that.

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