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380res V2 (Prod. By AHMD)

You gotta slow it down, like that

(What're you doing?) You gotta know where you have been

I know you miss me, baby, too, too, ooh

Shorty's still playin' with games, hmm

Well, if shorty's still playin' with games

Why are you callin' her name?

You're probably still pickin' my brain

In all the wrong ways

I called you one or two times (Three times or four times or five times)

Just to see if I was crazy

Just to see if I was trippin' (Or six times or seven, or eight)

(Or nine, or ten, all right) But you didn't answer

Pick up the phone (I'm fine, I'm fine)

But I was just slippin'

And I was just trippin' again

What happened to my best friend?

CMT until the end, right?

Left and right

And in the light I go

I wish I could hold your hand, Indigo

But Gaia, but Gaia,

She's waiting for me to help her

Nga yawne lu, Eywa

So, Irayo 'Rrta

And I'm sorry, Gaia

But shorty's still playin' with games

So, he's not trying to hear my name

And if shorty's still pickin' my brain

I oughta get outta this zombie apocalypse

No, no, no

Get away from this

Let's get you out of this

Out of this stress

Away from crowds

And up in the clouds

I've got to take you back

I'm sorry, Gaia, I'm back, back, back, back

But shorty, you still trippin'

I go back

I go back every time

I called you too many times

I gave you too many rhymes

We talkin' bout Gaia, right

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