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Pyrite V2 (Prod. By Daniel D'Artiste)

Oh, oh


No no no

You lifted me up off my feet

And then you dropped me

And then you let me drown in your ocean

I was stuck and hurt, baby

And yes, you really knew it, baby

Still you chose to do it (Oh)

I told myself I wouldn't do this to you, baby

But you should know (You should know)

You're messing with an Indigo, JB (Ah, no, no, oh, oh)

Yes, you brought me

Brought me

To a place I'd never been (To a place I'd never been)

And yeah, you taught me

Taught me

So many things

I was broken down, baby

And you left me in my darkest hour

And as for you, baby girl

I trusted and confided

And I know you couldn't find it, girl


You lied to me,

Empress, you lied to me

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