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OBE - Out-of-Body Experience (Prod. by Yesa)

Ooh no

I didn't get think we'd get this far

In the past, but now that I'm passed that

I wanna move on

And I'm sorry that I doubted you

In any way

All of my trust just seems to fade away

After some time,

When I'm feeling neglected

And I'm sorry that you thought

That I wanted some attention

But I didn't like the way

That you had made some estrangement

Now, I've got this resentment (Oh)

I've got so much (Oh) resentment (I)

Your presence was a surprise on its own

I'm sorry I left you alone

I promise I will never let you go (No, no, no, no, no)

I got to keep letting you know

He said he's coming through the forest tonight

For my benefit, for my celebration

He said he's coming to the forest with his brothers and sisters,

"I don't know if I missed ya, if, I don't know if I could be ya mister,"

He said to me, "I'm scared, baby"

Oh, oh, oh

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