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New Recording 126

You cannot hide it, baby (Mmm)

In Thailand, (Thailand)

In Thailand, (Ha, ha)

Thailand (Thailand)

In Thailand, oh

Abby, your booty's on the camera

We're trying to voice memo this

She's literally sitting on the camera

(She's actually sitting on the camera)


Abby, your boobie's on the cam...

If you want some love,

Then get some love (Some love)

If you want some love,

Then get some love, yeah

Get this love, get this love, aye

(Ooh yeah)

And get this love, come get this love, oh


Hematite right?

Get my selenite

Get the celestite, right?

My hematite right!

I got my hematite right, ah

My hematite right

My hematite, right? (Yeah!)

Aye, my hematite right

Got the hematite, right?

Oh, my hematite right,

My hematite in the light

My hematite shines

I'm feelin' alright

49 on flights

And I know like a light

And walking on a shike

I'm such a sheist, but I love it

But I love it

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