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Capistrano Calls + Alien Kisses (Prod. By MecaVeli x Crystal Mec)

No one

Wants to be on their own

And no one wants to find someone,

Who matches their soul

And have to let go

Oh, I know, I...I've asked you so much, Universe

But please, bring my soulmate back to me

Good morning, beautiful angel, I love

To see your eyes in the morning,

And baby, you're warning (You're warming up, warming up)

(Your merkabah's heating up) All along I saw it sprouting,

I saw you blooming, now you're glowing, mmm

And now you're glowing (And now, you're growing)

You're showing your true colours

Do you remember

Meeting me back on Saturn?

Out there on Jupiter,

Capistrano, do you want - no, San Francisco

I remember you were going somewhere important to you

And I crashed into you

But what did I do?

I made this king, he fell in love;

He found this goddess, and all above we floated,

Now, we're stuck in orbit

Don't be morbid

We're just stuck in orbit (Don't be morbid)

I promise I'm not an alien, no

(We're just stuck in orbit)

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