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Wake-Up Call (Prod. By Yesa)

La la la la la la

La la




In my night sky

And my bedroom, when I am crying

When I'm calling your name in the astral

And I don't get an answer

Do you still look at the moon, like you said you did?

I always knew that it was you

Our light-bodies led us here

Don't let them fool you (Ooh)

My dear

And don't let them trick you

Into fear

So much has changed since we've started here

Let's start again,

Relate again,

Connect again,

My friend (end)


I don't know you the way I thought I knew you did

And I will dive into my subconscious

And I found all the things that I was missing out on, hmm

I found all the things I was pinning on you, you, you

You, you, you, you

Eye...I am so sorry

And I'm sorry to myself

And I'm sorry to myself

And I'm sorry to my (Oh no)

(And I'm sorry, and I'm sorry)

And I'm sorry to myself

And I'm sorry to my health

And I'm sorry

Yes, I'm sorry and I'm sorry, yeah

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