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Bay City Blues (Prod. By MecaVeli)

Hmm (Mmm no)

Having dreams

Of holding your hand

And now I'm scared,

'Cause I don't know where we stand

I don't understand

We were just here (We were just here)


Kiss my pineal gland

I miss your hugs, my dear

(No no, no no, no no)

And though my feelings

Are the least of your worries,

I'm in no hurry

To love you just like I do

So, kiss me like you do (Baby)

And touch my like Tru do, ooh

I got mad Bay City Blues (I got mad)

I got mad Bay City Blues

Oh, baby, baby

In this Bay City gloom

Baby, Bay City gloom

And now that the summer is gone,

Do you think we still belong? (Mm, no no)

But the summer is gone, gone, gone, gone

(It's gone, gone)

And yeah, the summer is gone, gone, gone, gone (Gone, gone, gone)

You used to fight for me

You saw the light in me (Mmm)

(Mmm) You used to fight for me

Oh, you saw the light in me

You saw what I couldn't see

Oh, mmm

You saw everything

And no, you don't even listen to my songs

Catch me on your cloud,

I'm the only one bumping your songs loud

I'm the only one out of the loop now

Wish I could scoop ya

Wish I could space whip to ya

Then we can dip through the

Dimensions, did I mention?

I can't really talk to you


Everything's too

Too wide

Or too broad

For your mind

To keep up

Or catch on

So I'll sing you my song

On Saturn's rings,

On Saturn's rings,

That Hotline Blings, ha

"When Crystal sings"

I'll get my things, things


I've got those Bay City Blues

And yes, I'm in the Bay City gloom, baby, mmm

It ain't the same, it ain't the same

Without you

It's not the same without you

I've got these Bay City Blues

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