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Overwhelming Independence (Prod. By MecaVeli)

I don't even wanna be here

Why do you doubt me?


Doubt my feelings

Why do you doubt me

If I said it then I meant it

Take that back

If I said it, yeah

If I said that I loved you,

Why wouldn't you believe me?

My skies aren't even blue anymore,

San Francisco gloom,

You're my flower, bloom

I'm crying,

I'm trying,

I'm frowning,

I'm drowning,

In your ocean

In the Bay City ocean

I'm falling,

Will you please

Catch me

Catch me

Catch me

I'm falling

I'm drowning

I'm frowning

I'm dreaming

I'm breathing without you

I don't like this feeling without you, Tru, oh

You know I love you

Yeah, I miss you

Don't make it harder than it needs to be

Please, please, please

I miss this dude, man, heh


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