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Herkimer Diamond (Prod. By Daniel D'Artiste)

My Herkimer Diamond

My diamond (My diamond)

(Yah, yah)

You shine bright like a diamond,

My diamond

My Herkimer Diamond

My diamond, (My Herkimer Diamond)

Your timin'

It's amazin'

And we're vibin' (We vibin')

It's crazy (It's crazy)

My Herkimer Diamond, (Woo)

You wavy (Shi)

Yeah, everything wavy, Herkimer Diamond (Wavy)

My Herkimer Diamond (Diamond)

Just try this

Listen, I'm alive and we're vibin' (Vibin')

(Ah) (Yah, yah, yah)

And now we're vibin', my diamond (Woo, shi)

My Herkimer Diamond, yeah we're vibin' (Ha)

(Indigo, Indigo, Indigo, Indigo) Indigo star child, lost in my astral plane (In the astral plane)

(Indigo, Indigo) And his evergreen sun girl

Found herself on Earth again (Indigo)

My diamond (Indigo)

My Herkimer Diamond

Yeah, yeah we vibin', oh (Indigo, Indigo, Indigo, Indigo)

(Yah, yah)

I never know what to say

But my astral do

And I'm feelin' so so celestial

If I ask of you

Can I have one of them stars from your eyes

To keep in my pocket

Call it crystal

It look like a rock

But it's so much more

And I'm chillin' on top of the sky

See me scrape from the astral sphere

The atmosphere

Yes, I'm here

Hi, how are you?

I got all the power you read about, you think about

I can take you to them places you dream about

I can ease all your worries when you scream and shout

We can do it real slow, go and ease out

Of your comfort zone

And come through with the boy like what's up,

What's up?

I been meditating in the forest, come and bless up (Bless up)

Bless up

If you really rollin', roll and go stress up, stress up (Stress up)

I don't really know any better


I been grinding for a long time (Ooh)

Trynna make like for the much bettah, yesa

Herkimer Diamond (Ahh, ah)

Her merkabah shinin'

It strike me like lightning (Herkimer Diamond, My Herkimer Diamond)

His merkabah shinin'

I can see it in your eyes when

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