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Back Talk (Prod. By Tru)




Rollin', rollin', rollin' with them

Throwin', throwin', throwin' good vibes




Mmm, mm

Mmm, mm (Ohh)



Ya can't be a king without a queen (No, no)

Simba needs a Nala,

Where you lookin' boy?

I been lookin' at the stars where you at

Ima come around in the back, back

4:49 on the dot,

I'm feelin' hot

I'm feelin' real cool with you

(Feelin' real cool)

Yeah, I really like you

Oh, really?

Nala to Simba

Man, that king is so conscious,

I been rappin' on mics

I been talkin' bout topics

I only talk about

When it's you and me talkin'

I don't know what this bout

In that astral plane walkin'

Across those stars in space

See that star is me

Like a couple years ago

Multiplied by three

I go around through the space

Century buyin' me

I'm up in all of your realms

Got them realms for free

I come through

Flip your frown upside-down

What you gon' do when the man come round

What you gon' do when they talk bout the boy

And the boy got a crew

And the crew real wild, yeah

Homies only 'til I die, yeah

Shawty still be by my side

Vesica Piscis is intertwined

Everybody know what's in them lines

Everybody read between the lines

And my lines written so fine

I'm a lyrical at heart,

I'm a rapper on my other time

I been rappin' like a Southern boy

I been up in the South

I been grindin' like the East

Take you to the West

Show you what the boy about,


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