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Dreams (Prod. By Daniel D'Artiste)

Glass, I hold (Ah)

Glass of gold, you hold my crystal in your hand

You tell me that it's all okay

You are my man

Maybe (My)

Eve didn't have Adam

For a reason

(Mm, ah) I'm wanderin' through the light of the dark

I've got my candles lit

And I'm in the dark, I'm (No, oh)

What am I supposed to? (Ooh)

And Ima ooh (Standing off on lovin' you)

(My heart's extendin' love to you)

Where did you go, where did you go from here?

(Where'd you go) (What did you say, what did you say in here?)

(Little did you know) Who are you, who are you, who are you?

(Little did you know)

Got the crystals

Stop the missiles

You put your fist up

And gimme kiss, love

You put your fist up

You gimme kiss, love

You tell me,

"I'm in love with ya girl, let me take a picture" (Oh, oh, oh)

Then take the picture, yeah, yeah

Candles humble (Fall grass, and it's in your wall)

(Ya take me down and I'll)

Candles (And I feel your call)

You're callin' for help (Help)

(I know it) Ya dealt, dealt with it (Whoa)

Yeah, whatchu you did to me

I gotta go now (Alright)

I gotta go now (These dying two)

I gotta go now

(Tell me, tell me, tell me, tell me, tell me)

It doesn't have to mean a thing

(Tell me, tell me, tell me) Tell me

It doesn't have to be a thing, by us (Oh)

Even by law (Just tell me)

Movin' and groovin' while you're

Sweatin' and frettin'


Don't pull away from me (I really love it)

Consumed by what you think (Drink another part of me)

Just stay out of my dreams

Just let me breathe (Breathe)

Just let me breathe, I gotta think, whoa (Whoa)

It doesn't mean a thing, no, no

I'll see you in your dreams, boy

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