Vitra Pam (Prod. By Tru)



La, da, da, da (Yah)


And we vibin' (Mmm)

Yeah, yeah

And we vibin', yeah

(Ooh) Yeah, I been chillin' in the garden

I been, I been chillin' with the flowers

Baby, look at what we started

Look at what is bloomin'

Look up at yo'self up in the mirror,

Tell me what is it you doin'

Get with the movement (Ah)

You messin' wit a indigo (Yah, yah)

What you think we in it for?

What you think you seein' me for?

What you think that you and me all up in this video for?

You know that life is just a game,

How you playin' it though? Oh

You walk into the park,

Two-step in the building

Now it's gettin' dark

I'm feelin' our connection (Ah)

I'm feelin' our connection

It's really such a blessin'

And now I'm just (Ooh, ah)


Mm (Ooh)

And we vibin', ooh yeah

And we vibin' here

Yeah, we vibin' here

The vibrations here, ooh, whoa

And we vibin' here

And we vibin' here

The vibrations here

The connections dear

And we vibin' here (And we vibin' here)

(The vibrations here, oh) The vibrations here

We vibin', and we vibin' here, oh

And vibin' here (And we vibin' here)

The vibrations here (And we vibin' here)

And we vibin', we vibin'

Vibrations here (Vibin' here, yeah)

Vibrations here, oh

And we vibin', here, yeah

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