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Vintamensions (Prod. By Daniel D'Artiste)

He told me, he, yeah

Yeah, he told me, oh, no

Yeah, he told me, he loved me

No, you don't know what you got

'Cause it's gone like that, yeah

Yeah, it's gone like that, no, oh, oh

You got to take the energy and put it in your pocket

And walk wit it

Just rock wit it

Ooh, feel the breeze

And feel the energy

The flow of energy, please, oh, yeah

Just vibe with me

Do you feel the energy, oh

Do you feel it, baby

Touch my merkabah

Touch, touch my merkabah

Yeah, yeah touch my merkabah, oh

Touch my spheres, oh

Touch my crystals, oh, no

Touch my merkabah, baby

Touch my, touch my energy

Touch all my frequencies, man

Love up on my energy

I know you feelin' me, yeah

No, it don't have to be my body

It can just be me, right

That's alright

There's nothin' wrong with that, oh

You don't know my frequency

Lovin' up my frequency

Oh, please

You vibin' wit my frequency, oh

You're vibin' with my frequency, oh

You're vibin' with my frequency

Down to Venus

We down to Venus

I'm down to Venus

I'm down to Venus, feminine

I'm down to Venus

I'm down to Venus

I'm down to Venus

I'm down to Venus

She down to Mars

She down to Mars, yeah

There's nothing wrong with that but

Just know your stars and planets before you come round here

Come round here

Yeah, oh, oh, oh, whoa

Know your planets,

Know your circle, your frequency, your energy

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