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The Farewell Song

'Cause the Earth is too big

And the world is too big

(Ah, hey) (I'm right here, I'm right here)

I know you don't wanna hear it

But I'm watching through my life (Hey, oh)

And I know you don't wanna admit it

But I'm growin' up alright (Mm)

So, mama, listen to me

I'm leavin'

And, papa, listen to me

I'm goin' (I'm, I'm growin', we're growin')

Just takin' one big step at a time, livin' my life

I'm findin' my way (I'm findin' my way)

And I want you to know I love you (I'm okay, I'm okay)

But I get that

You, too (Are you okay? You okay?)

But I'm leavin'

I gotta find my self

Away from my time (I remember)

But I'll remember (Remember)

I'll remember my pride (No, no)

But what I gotta say right now is I

Gotta live for myself and I'm

Sayin' goodbye

(Hey, oh) ('Cause the world's too big)

I gotta say goodbye

'Cause the world's too big,

Yeah, the Earth's too big (I gotta say goodbye)

(I love you) (I gotta say goodbye, I gotta say goodbye)

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