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Roots & Beginnings (Prod. By Wilough)

Hey, hey

Here we go, here we, ha, ha (Yes, I, yes I really want you)

(Lay low) (And I, and I love you) (Lay low) (Yes, I, yes I)

We are in space now

Go on and slow down (Want to)

You can sit down

But we're in space now

Do you feel gravity

Just tuggin' at your feet?

Do you feel a swell of love

In that black hole singularity?

The relativity of space and time (Ah)

You've given me a place in time (Ah)

Kaltxi, sacred place of mine

(You take me back) You take me back

You take me back

To my roots and beginnings

You're space and time,

That's why we're flying

That's why we're trying

And thriving

Gravity is,

Is pullin' down (Feel the gravity and)

It's pullin' down (You're fallin' down)

And yes, I'm fallin' down (Down)

I'm fallin' down (I'm fallin' down)

Yes, I'm fallin', fallin', fallin', fallin', fallin' down (I'm fallin' down, I'm fallin' down, I'm fallin' down)

I'm fallin' down, I'm fallin' down

You got me fallin' down

You got me fallin' down (Fallin' down)


In love

With you, Tru

It's true

I'm in love with you

(I want you)

I like you (I really like you)

I really like you

Just come and be my dude

I like you

I want you, ooh

You take me back to my roots and beginnings, baby (We're in space and we're fallin' down)

I can feel it when I look in your eyes and you save me (To Nibiru)

'Cause I'm fallin' (I'm feelin' you)

I'm fallin' in love with you (In Nibiru, oh)

Come be a king (I'm feelin' you) (In the mountains)

Come get your queen (So tru)

Fallin' down

You take me to my roots and beginnings (Roots and beginnings)

Mother Earth grows out me (Oh, ah)

Mother Nature is me (Ooh, ah)

(I'm gonna make you) I'm gonna make you my king

(Can you feel it, ooh, no) (You are my indigo king)

I'm gonna make you my king (You are my king)

I'm gonna make you my king (Won't you say my name)

'Cause you treat me like a queen (You, you, you) (You are my king)

You treat me like a queen

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