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Lover's Preach (Prod. By Daniel D'Artiste)

(I'm doing it again) (It's too bad)


(I) Perhaps,

In our lifetimes,

We cross the paths that we were meant to

As if the (I)

As is the Universe fell

In my hand, in my (Hand)

(I) I know you been watchin' me

Do my thing

With your three eyes

(Gotta let my Indi go)

It's not a surprise to see we're still struggling

The tonalities (Gotta watch my Indi go)

Let my Indi know (Oh)

That I love him so (That I love him so)

I'm leavin'

I'm leavin'

You're grievin'

You're teasin' me (You're teasin' me)

With a complex

With a complex in mind

I can't say

And now, Tyler's whippin' Willow in the Civic

Do you remember how we livin'?

And you can't stand it no more

Are you embarrassed

To call me your best friend? (Now, I don't know)

To call me your girlfriend? (And now I'll never know, I don't wanna go)

On my solo, baby

And Coco (And I don't wanna know)

Solo dolo, I know doe (Get your indigo)

I know you see me on my (Get your indigo)

Why don't you wanna hold my hand? (Get your indiglo) (On my solo, baby)

(And I know) Why don't you wanna hold my hand? (My indigo)

(And no, no, I can't with you) I am your girl 'til the end (My indi-indigo)

And I don't wanna know,

Why don't you wanna hold my hand?

And no, no, I don't wanna know, oh (My indigo)

I don't wanna go (Don't love my indigo)

Mais, je t'adore, je t'aime, I

I love you, (Let him go, Mecca)

Yes, I love you (You've got to let your indi-go)

And I want you

And I need you

And I choose you

I don't lose you (My best friend)

I can't lose you

I can't lose you, ah (My best friend)

You act like

You want it

That's all I'm missin'

And I diss him

Why did I diss him?

No, I didn't miss him

And I miss him

I wish I could (I let him go)

I wish I could kiss him (Indigo)

And yes, I miss him

And yes, I love him

And I-I'm sorry, baby

And yes, I'm sorry, baby,

But where are you, baby?


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