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tru home freestyle (Prod. By MecaVeli)

Mmm, I can only imagine

What the world would be like

If there were no stars

No way to raise to the bar,

To shine far (To shine bluer than the Universe)

To shine, further than any galaxy near (To shine bluer than the Universe)

So, you outshine everything in my being

In my presence, I'm hesitant,

When you're resistant

(Don't be resistant, don't fight with me, and I won't fight with you)

'Cause you outshine every star (You outshine every star)

In my sky, I don't understand why

And baby boy, you should try

To shine our home back, as in stars (Oh)

The angels in the astral must miss you (Oh)

But you're doing your thing, Tru

You're doing your thing, you're doing your thing

You're shining my merkabah,

I sing

For me, for you, for all of us, the youth

The truth

Must be heard (Oh, oh)

And who better than us to give?

No, not for this

I'm lost within, no

(We're all lost within, we're all lost within)

Imagine the world with no stars

And we couldn't raise the bar

There would be no sky

There would be nothing for us to reach

No speech to speak

No truth to preach

You gotta go home now, baby

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