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New Recording 20

I'm growing

I'm glowing

I miss you

I want this

To be the

Greatest thing

We've experienced and

Just reach and grab my hand

With all the water and the Sun

And the Moon with the stars,

I get so sad and lost

When I see that you are gone

I am

In love with you (Ooh)

Look at the Sun & the Moonstone

Look at them glow,

It represents our growth

Let's just take things slow

We've got the summer to know

It represents our growth

(My meter might be out)

We can go back and drive up


(Are you down to go to Echo Park for a sec? We can walk and meditate and clean our crystals)

It represents our growth

Yes, it does

How could you not know?

I wish you'd know, oh

Oh, oh

I don't want you to go

But I gotta go

Here I come, San Francisco,

San Francisco, I know

I gotta, gotta go

I gotta, gotta go

To San Francisco

I gotta go, oh

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