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Metatron's Cube (Prod. By Yesa)

I'm just trynna levitate

Do you wanna meditate?

Six blue crystals deep

And you're still in my mind,

And I can't sleep

This is Metatron's Cube

We can do what we wanna do,

I've got the angelite and celestite,

We can freestyle, baby

Any time, I'm good, I'm good

This is the Fruit of Life,

And you're calling me

This is everything

We wanted to be

So, let's be free

This is Metatron's Cube

(This is Metatron's Cube, Metatron's Cube)

Baby, baby

This is Metatron's Cube

Baby boy, it's just me and you (Oh, no, no, no)

They don't call us Adam and Eve for nothing,

We're the leaders of an Indigo revolution

This is Metatron's Cube (Oh, this is!)

This is Metatron's Cube

And we're floating in the blue

And we're, and we're floating in the blue (La da, la da, la da, love)

We're floating in the blue, we're floating in the black

We're floating in the front and we're floating in the back (In the back)

We're floating in space, Kaltxi, Sacred Place (Oh)

This is, this, this, this is Metatron's Cube (Oh, whoa Metatron's Cube)

This is Metatron's Cube, this is Metatron's

This is Metatron

This is Metatron's Cube

This is the genesis of a love

And we picked it up on nature's balcony

After we climbed that mountain,

Sang at that show,

You fell in love with me


This is Metatron's Cube (Oh)

We're here to do what we want to do (Whoa)

This is Metatron's Cube

And it's just me and you

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