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home mecca rough v2 (Prod. By Tru)

Mmm, Mmmmm

Shifting, slowly

Falling through all these dimensions,

Without knowing

The pressure's on me,

I'm in a trance, this broken ballroom dance

With my being

Slightly, glowing,

Living my life while it last,

Don't let it pass me by, no

Subconsciously growing,

Unconsciously knowing,

That some higher force

Has my back

I know that

Everywhere is home

Sprites and fairies,

Sprites and fairies,

Bring all your nature homies

(I'm calling) Cosmic beings,

This is your path, your journey (I'm coming)

(I'm coming home) I'm coming home

Sprites and fairies,

(They shelter me from the cold)

Bring all your nature homies

Cosmic beings, (I'm coming)

(Sprites and fairies)

This is your path, your journey

Sprites and fairies, sprites and fairies

(Cosmic beings)

Cosmic beings, cosmic beings (Home)


Head to toe (Pole to pole)

Pole to pole, Head to toe (Sprites and fairies)

Nose to rose

Rose to rose

Goodbye, San Francisco (Whoa)



Thank you, San Francisco

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