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Time Forgets (Yiruma)

No, no

No no no no no, no

Time forgets (No)

And I know we'll progress

But I can feel myself

Pulling and pushing

Against polarity

I can feel the gravity (I can feel the gravity)

Of the old me

While my future self is tugging my mind and body

Into the nearest reality (Oh)

In the furthest galaxy from you

And yes, I love you (You, no)

And maybe one day we'll face ourselves again

And maybe one day (Why do you like her?) And maybe one day (Why do you like her?)

And we can love ourselves again (Why do you like her?)

But for now, you can call me your best friend

I'm your best friend

'Cause I'm looking in this mirror

And at the bigger picture

And I love what I see

My reflection's flirting with me (Me)

And I'll admit it,

You're my rock and you enlighten me

And you're my star, because you brighten me

So, my dear subconscious, please stop fighting me

I find clarity

Deep within your eyes

(Oh, no, no)

Are my spheres safe with you for the night (Can they stay here?)

And maybe one day, you'll see that what perished,

Gave you the freedom to cherish this all along

Your reflection in me as I sing these songs (As I sing these songs)

And maybe you'll love what you see again

But for now,

I'm my own best friend

And once you realize and see,

That every song about he is always about me

So no regrets and much success your way (Oh, baby)

And, baby, oh, maybe one day

One day, no, no, no, no, no, oh

Time forgets

And maybe one day, we'll face it

And maybe one day, you'll see the reflection

Of your subconscious

And I hope that you love it

'Cause time forgets

And we forgive

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