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Escape2Space (Prod. By Daniel D'Artiste)

(Just come away with me to nature,

Follow me into the trees & touch the leaves

Come with me to nature)

I love,

I love...

(Just come away with me to nature,

Let's escape into nature)

And I love you, yes, I love you

And I love you, yes, in nature

No, no,

I fell in love with your light before you did

(Yeah, yeah, and I'm in love with it)

And you are my best friend

For a reason (for a reason)

You're my merkabah, the reason I am spinning, oh

The reason I am in it,

You're my space,

You're my light,

You're my friend,

And yes, you're my guide

You're my Gweelos & Galapagos Islands

You're my constellation,

Let's prepare the nation

You gotta start with Mother Nature

Step foot into the woods with me

Try to find and you will see

The trees,

The leaves.

The you, mmm

The me,

The power of being

The light,

The love,

The reason that I sing,

(Come escape with me)

Come escape with me

Come escape with me (Me)

Come and See

Well, I'm in love with you

Yes, I'm in love with you

Yes, yes, yes you know it's tru

That's why my skies are blue

Yes, it's true (This is nature's interlude)

This is nature's interlude (Yes, it's you)

And it's just me

Welcome to my world

Let's escape into nature (This is nature)

Let's escape into nature

Welcome to my world

My world

This dimension

We (we) vibrate higher than our peers (Oh)

And we, (we) are so much brighter since we've been up here (Since we've been up here baby)

So, don't let go of your knowledge,

Don't be afraid to be conscious (Don't be afraid, don't be afraid)

'Cause it's just space

You're in this place

It's just space, it's just space

Learn to escape

In nature, babe

It''s space

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