January 24, 2018


Grab my hand,

And together we can transcend

(And together, we're together)

Hold my hand, hold on tight,

It's a real fast ride

I can't do this alone, I can't do this without you

(I can't do this without you) Grab my hand and we'll transcend,

(Oh) Just kiss my lips

And I pro...

January 24, 2018

No one

Wants to be on their own

And no one wants to find someone,

Who matches their soul

And have to let go

Oh, I know, I...I've asked you so much, Universe

But please, bring my soulmate back to me

Good morning, beautiful angel, I love

To see your eyes in the morning,

And baby,...

January 24, 2018

Mmm, mmm

Somewhere in space,

There's a singularity vibrating in place,

Keeping up with your pace

And you know, we're really from the stars

I love you to the Moon, and passed Mars,

I don't need no gifts, no cards

I'm in love

With who you are, shining from afar

But I guess, I'm n...

January 24, 2018

Ooh no 

I didn't get think we'd get this far

In the past, but now that I'm passed that

I wanna move on

And I'm sorry that I doubted you

In any way

All of my trust just seems to fade away

After some time,

When I'm feeling neglected

And I'm sorry that you thought

That I wanted som...

January 23, 2018

No, no 

No no no no no, no 

Time forgets (No) 

And I know we'll progress 

But I can feel myself 

Pulling and pushing 

Against polarity 

I can feel the gravity (I can feel the gravity) 

Of the old me

While my future self is tugging my mind and body

Into the nearest reality (Oh)


January 23, 2018

La la la la la la 

La la 




In my night sky 

And my bedroom, when I am crying

When I'm calling your name in the astral

And I don't get an answer

Do you still look at the moon, like you said you did?

I always knew that it was you

Our light-bodies led us here


January 23, 2018

(Just come away with me to nature,

Follow me into the trees & touch the leaves

Come with me to nature)

I love,

I love...

(Just come away with me to nature,

Let's escape into nature)

And I love you, yes, I love you

And I love you, yes, in nature

No, no,

I fell in love with your...

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