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Gaia's Interlude (Na'rìng 'Evi) (Prod. By AHMD)

Indigo girls with (Eve)

Evergreen curls that

Don't be scared,

Little forest girls

Embrace that evergreen world (Run, little Forrest)


(Eve's inside) Run, little

Run, little forest girl

Run, little (Run away, runaway girl)

Run little, Forrest girl (Run away)

Don't be scared

I'm right there (These faces leave these places all the time)

I'm right here

(Stardust) (Run) So many faces,

I don't know where I'm going anymore

(Run little, forest girl, run, run)

(Run, little forest girl)

Third eye glowing (Better run faster)

Your merkabah's showing (Better run faster)

(Eve) Third eye is glowing,

(Run, little forest girl, don't,

Run little forest, girl

Don't let them catch you now)

I don't know why I'm showing you this anymore

Run, little forest girl

Run, little Sun child, Star child

Gaia's inside (Eve, Eve, Eve, Eve)

If you look inside your mind ('Rta, Eywa, 'Rta, Gaia)

If you look inside,

Oh, I'm sorry, Gaia (Eve)

Ah, Eywa

Run, little forest girl

Run, little Sun child, Star child

Little girl, ('Rta, Gaia)

('Rta, Eywa) Don't let them tell you,

"It's not your world" ('Rta, Gaia, 'Rta, Eywa)

Mmmm ('Rta, Gaia)

'Cause I'm just a little girl, too ('Rta, Eywa)

('Rta, Gaia, 'Rta, Eywa) But look at the way that I love my world (Run little forest girl)

And what I'm trynna do (Run, little Sun child)

And what I'm trynna do for you (Star child)


If they make you feel like

Less than you're worth

Still a queen,

My love,

My Mother Earth

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