February 6, 2018

I love you then I love me,

Can you get up off me?

Stop callin' me honey

No, it's not about the money

No, it's not about the money, honey

I ain't feelin' sunny

My nose is feelin' funny

Baby, hate to

Run me, run me, honey, on me

Stop please

Take three or go, please

Feel the breeze,...

February 6, 2018

Look at this! (...all the time, because I was doing it so awful)

This is horrible,

I suck at this accent

Wow, this is so...

Imagine it on a sunny day

Green trails and then an ocean!

Okay, bye

Physics doesn't differ;

The line from the singularity to the present day;

It moves thr...

February 3, 2018

You, you, you

(Ooh) You deserve better

You deserve better

Oh, I said,

You deserve better (You)

You deserve the best

Feelin' heavy on my chest,

No, I can't get no rest, no sleep

Knowing that you and me, aren't at peace, no

Or we're just not speaking

So, let's just

Set it aside


February 2, 2018


Da, da, da, da, doo

Doo, doo, doo

Da, da, da, da, doo

Doo, doo, doo


From the glacier

Rolling down your chin,

Shinin' in your melanin,

Your skin, oh

That Indigo complexion

And I love my reflection

And that you're in it

Your soul's holding on

While we're spinnin'

Out here in...

January 25, 2018

Indigo girls with (Eve)

Evergreen curls that

Don't be scared, 

Little forest girls

Embrace that evergreen world (Run, little Forrest)


(Eve's inside) Run, little

Run, little forest girl

Run, little (Run away, runaway girl)

Run little, Forrest girl (Run away)

Don't be scared...

January 25, 2018

You cannot hide it, baby (Mmm)

In Thailand, (Thailand)

In Thailand, (Ha, ha)

Thailand (Thailand) 

In Thailand, oh

Abby, your booty's on the camera

We're trying to voice memo this

She's literally sitting on the camera

(She's actually sitting on the camera)


Abby, your boobie's...

January 25, 2018

Mmm, Mmmmm

Shifting, slowly

Falling through all these dimensions,

Without knowing

The pressure's on me,

I'm in a trance, this broken ballroom dance

With my being

Slightly, glowing,

Living my life while it last,

Don't let it pass me by, no

Subconsciously growing,

Unconsciously kno...

January 24, 2018

Mmm, I can only imagine

What the world would be like

If there were no stars

No way to raise to the bar, 

To shine far (To shine bluer than the Universe)

To shine, further than any galaxy near (To shine bluer than the Universe)

So, you outshine everything in my being

In my pre...

January 24, 2018

No one

Wants to be on their own

And no one wants to find someone,

Who matches their soul

And have to let go

Oh, I know, I...I've asked you so much, Universe

But please, bring my soulmate back to me

Good morning, beautiful angel, I love

To see your eyes in the morning,

And baby,...

January 24, 2018

Mmm, mmm

Somewhere in space,

There's a singularity vibrating in place,

Keeping up with your pace

And you know, we're really from the stars

I love you to the Moon, and passed Mars,

I don't need no gifts, no cards

I'm in love

With who you are, shining from afar

But I guess, I'm n...

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